Database accessible from multiple devices (no cloud)

Hello everyone,
Let me introduce my situation:

I have a huge library with multiple files on an SDcard that I can use also offline among different devices by plug-and-play: my PC, my android tablet, my android smartphone.

I would like to start to use Zotero since I just started a PhD and my library is going to increase. I would like as well to start to catalogue my pdf with tags and other nice features Zotero offers.

I see when I add a file, the file is duplicated stored in Zotero folder, to which I guess information is associated. So that's the file I should operate on.

Assume I store the database on my portable device SD. Is there any adequate option for Android that can handle a database operated also by another Zotero (not at the same time)?

Say that I need to disconnect my SD from PC and plug in my tablet. Will I be able to modify the pdf (just highlight) directly from the zotero database without corrupting anything?

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