Reopening a word document and new zotero citations out of sequence

I'm new to Zotero, so please excuse my ignorance. Every time I reopen my word document that has Zotero citations there is a problem with the sequencing of the citations. When I try and add a new citation that I've used previously in the same document, instead of the citation number being the same as already appears in the document it starts at 1 again. I've tried refresh, but nothing happens. I'm using the standalone version of Zotero. Thanks in advance.
  • Which Word processor are you using and in which file format are you saving? This would e.g. happen if you work in LibreOffice and save to .docx or if you work in Word and save to .odt
  • Thanks, Adam. I'm using Word and saving, by default, to .odt
  • What is the best format to save to?
  • .docx, the default format for Word. .odt is primarily used for LibreOffice.
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