Zotero crashes when trying to update modified citations, Libreoffice


Note that I'm using Zotero 5.0.61 and Libreoffice on Fedora 29.

I have an .odt document, If I insert a citation and modify the inserted citation, whenever Zotero tries to update the citations' document, LibreOffice crashes.

I'm not sure whether it is a Libreoffice or Zotero issue, any idea ?
  • Try updating LibreOffice. Does it happen in a new document?
  • Yes, it happens with new documents (as well as with old documents :).

    It's the last version available in the Fedora repository. Should I give it a try with the latest version of Libreoffice provided with Flatpack ?
  • Yes, you should. This is not a general issue and most likely caused either by the version of LibreOffice you run or problems in dependencies of LibreOffice in your distro.
  • I'll report this to Fedora then. But how do you know? So that I can fill a more precise bug report for Fedora.
  • The Zotero add-on runs in LibreOffice fully, within an embedded Java Runtime, and we do not have general crashing reports on other distros or version of LO. Zotero only communicates to the extension via a HTTP socket and do not directly affect the running instance of LibreOffice, so this would be up to LO or Fedora to address.
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