Cannot drag pdfs to Apple Mail

I am using 5.061 and Mail 12.2 on Mac OS 10.14.2
I cannot drag the pdfs directly to an e-mail in apple mail for attachment. Instead, an icon appears that says "drop" and purports to offer the option ot download a file to the message for attachment, but it never works.

I can drag and drop pdfs directly to the desktop, and from there to an e-mail. I can also drag and drop pdfs directly to Microsoft Outlook . does anyone else have this issue? Thank you.
  • Yeah, this doesn't work, sorry. As you say, it works to some apps, but not Apple Mail, and it's unlikely this will be fixed until at least the next major version of Zotero. For now, you'll need to either drag via the desktop or use right-click → Show File and drag the actual file to Mail.
  • OK. It's definitely an obstacle for me. Do you take feature requests? Thanks.
  • This isn't something we can fix in the current architecture. If we can fix it in the future, we will.
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