Zotfile not working well with most recent update to Zotero

Hello. I received the new Zotero upgrade (5.0.62). I have noticed, however, that downloads of information is much slower from PubMed. And the downloads are particularly slow if a PDF is being transferred with Zotfile engaged. I disabled Zotfile but that did not fix the issue. Any ideas? Is there some service that I can perform on my library to improve performance??
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for an operation that's slow? In what way is it slow, exactly?
  • D126961147

    The operation hangs on pulling the page information from Pubmed. This particular operation pulled down just the abstract. Took about 6 seconds to write the record into Zotero. I deleted the record as well. And that took some time. It is just a perception of latency and slowness. The software is giving no error or crashing. Which makes me think that perhaps my db is corrupted in some way.
  • Six seconds before what? Before the title appears in the save popup in your browser, or something else? If I recall, the PubMed servers that Zotero gets the data from tend to vary in terms of performance and availability, so you might occasionally see some slowness there. What about if you just try to save this webpage?

    (There was no PDF in that debug output, so that wouldn't be related to ZotFile at all.)
  • D752515962

    This article was brought down from the Journal Science. The download lead to Zotero going into a not responding state with every file action (eg when the science page was saved, when the PDF file was downloaded, when the PDF file was renamed by Zotfile and when the page snapshot and the Pubmed link were brought down). I watched the operation in Zotero real-time and in took close to 50 seconds.

    I am working through a library proxy and I am following up with them to see if they have had any other reports of similar behavior.
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