Style Request: Méthode auteur-date

* Link to online style documentation - (PDF) - (this document is in French, but I can provide translations when needed).

* Examples
In-text citations
(Campbell et Pedersen, 2007)
(Mares, 2001)

CAMPBELL, John L., et Ove K. PEDERSEN (2007). « The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success », Comparative Political Studies, vol. 40, n° 3, p. 307–332. doi : 10.1177/0010414006286542
MARES, Isabela (2001). « Firms and the welfare state : when, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? ». Dans HALL, Peter A., et David SOSKICE (dir.), Varieties of capitalism : the institutional foundations of comparative advantage, New York : Oxford University Press, p. 184‑213.

Please note - the journal and book titles need to be in italics.

The closest style I was able to find in the repository is this one - France (tous les auteurs, auteur-date, French, modified on 2016-09-28 (

I have tried using the CSL Style Editor, but am unable to fully master it in such a way that would be productive.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.
  • Could you say for what (journal, university, department, institute, etc.) exactly the style is? "auteur-date" itself, of course, means very little and we have hundreds of those.
  • True enough. So sorry. The style is used by students who submit papers in French at the University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).
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