Zotero bib generation for Overleaf - autor with two article same year... generate same ref ?


I use Zotero into Overleaf and automatic .bib file generation.

I have two references from the same author and published at the same year. The title have same beginning...

Zotero generate the same ref for this two different article : "author_firstWord_year".

Any idea for change the generation of references ?

Thanks !
  • Once the bibtex translator used for the Zotero API is updated (@dstillman -- when does that happen?) citekeys stored in extra using Citation key: whateveryouwantittobe should get picked up. This is also what Better BibTeX works with
  • The updated translator is available now via the API.
  • I'm not sure to understand how it could be help me for use Zotero and Overleaf with this issue ?

    I must add cite key I want in the extra field ? And use it when I writye \ref{ref-in-extra} ?
  • That'd be a quick solution, yes.
    You could also look at the better bibtex add-on, which I think will help you automate that, though it may change existing keys.
  • BBT won't change existing keys if you use the [zotero] configuration (which is an option you can choose when it first starts) unless you have key duplicates, but if you have key duplicates, key generation is somewhat random using standard Zotero; BBT will pick one from those random ones and then stick with that.

    BBT can also help you to add the key to the extra field.
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