Podcasts - missing contributors

I am working with the podcast located at https://www.wxxinews.org/post/connections-state-winemaking-finger-lakes

The series is called Connections with Evan Dawson. It had four contributors/guests that formed the panel of the program. Even with them listed in Zotero as contributors or guests they do not appear in the citations.

I am concerned as I am going to need to cite something that the contributor said.
  • Only the Podcaster variable is included in citations. If you want to include other names, include them as Podcasters.
  • Zotero never cites contributors and doesn't cite quests on podcasts. There are no established standards for citing Podcast contributions, but personally I'd reference this as something like "as Mansfield says (in a conversation with Dawson & Mack, 2018), ..."
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