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I'm using Microsoft Word with the zotero plug-in for citations and bibliography, and the MHRA style. All is well it seems in terms of general formatting in both cases. However the bibliography is listed in the order of the citations. I need them in "surname, first author" alphabetical order. How do you achieve this? I was expecting zotero to do this automatically on selecting MHRA, but it doesn't. HELP! Thank you.
  • It sounds like you may just be looking at endnotes? Have you used "Add Bilbliography" in the Word add-on?
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    I believe I have, yes. The citations are set up as footnotes and end up on the bottom of each appropriate page. Then I go to the "Zotero" menu in Word, and use the "Add/Edit Bibliography" button. Bibliography comes up in the order of the citations, not alphabetic. Zotero does change the "name,surname" order as expected for MHRA (citations: name->surname, and bibliography: surname->name). But the "surname first" bibliography is not alphabetically ordered according to these, and it needs to be. It really is ordered the same as the citations, 1, 2, 3 .... throughout the document.
  • Change to a different style and back. Does that fix it?
  • That does indeed fix it! Thank you so much. I'm a newbie to zotero so this has been a very welcome forum. Thank you again.
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