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Hi there,

I use author-date style, and I often have to deal with English and Chinese references. The in text citation may appears as (张三 等,2005)or (Smith et al., 2005). ``et al.'' in Chinese is ``等''. However, I don't find a workable way to implement this in the style file.

The Zotero has a field ``Language'', however, I don't find a way to use it.

Any hint? Thanks in advance.


  • After posting this question, I searched the forums again, and found another post with the same question that I asked 8 years ago ...

    sorry for wasting your time.

  • The [Juris-M]( variant of Zotero (the end product of the work I mentioned in your old thread) is now in good working order, and it can do what you describe. If it is important enough for you to consider using the variant (which is sync-compatible with Zotero), and you are willing to edit styles yourself, the tool is out there.
  • @fbennett Thank you very much for pointing me to Juris-M. I will try it. Before to starting, a quick question, can it import the database I created in Zotero? Thanks a lot.
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    Zotero and Juris-M are sync-compatible. You can use the same account for both programs, which means you'll have the same database in both programs.

    Just keep in mind that Juris-M has additional features that you won't be able to use in Zotero, but that is of course no problem if you are mainly interested in importing your existing Zotero database into Juris-M and using Juris-M afterwards...
  • @snoopyzhao Yes, the first time you open Juris-M, it will offer to import your Zotero database.
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