Word 2016 for Mac Plugin - Ribbon Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts

So, one thing I noticed is that unlike some other extensions I have installed in Word (like Adobe Sign), Zotero's placement in the ribbon is not exposed for the user to customize their location. I have a custom tab where I keep all my most frequently used commands, but I am unable to find any of the Zotero Word commands and add them. I did at one point find a Zotero command in the Ribbon organizer's list of "all commands" (but it wasn't obvious) but when I put it in my custom tab group, it wouldn't work. (This may have been with a previous version of Word)

In fact, when you go to the tabs organizer, the Zotero tab group doesn't even show up like it does for Adobe Sign. See screenshot: https://www.odrive.com/s/5579e132-f58a-4e2d-a02e-007d3a72d1ad-5c814b8a

In addition, I don't see a way to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to Zotero Word commands in Word.

Am I missing something obvious, or might this be something that could be considered for future updates? I would really like to be able to customize my Tabs in the Word Ribbon and include Zotero commands and assign keyboard shortcuts.

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