Exposing metadata for editors of edited volumes

I am writing a custom Hugo style (https://github.com/jonathan-g/hugo-finisterre) for my personal web site and I want to have it emit metadata tags or COinS spans so users can import publications listed on my publications page into Zotero.

I've read the documentation at https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/exposing_metadata/ and my hugo templates are mostly working well using a combination of highwire, opengraph, and Dublin Core tags, except for one thing:
  • I can't figure out which tags to use for specifying book editors when the publication is a chapter in an edited volume or a paper published in a conference proceedings.
So I'd like advice about the recommended ways to expose metadata on a web page for a chapter in an edited volume or a paper in a conference proceedings so Zotero will correctly import the editors.
  • `citation-editor` is occasionally used by sites (e.g., I use it on my personal page https://wiernik.org/downloads/work-preferences-vocational-interests-and-values), but it is non-standard and neither Google Scholar or (I believe) Zotero make use of it.
  • FWIW, Zotero will be supporting schema.org based JSON-LD in the relatively near future, which should make this possible & relatively straightforward.
  • Thank you for the info on upcoming support for JSON-LD. It seems better for me to wait for that than to try to kludge an ugly hack together.
  • The PR is here -- https://github.com/zotero/translators/pull/1897/files

    it's a bit hard to understand the exact mappings, but in a nutshell, the JSON LD translator converts the info to quads & then uses the RDF one to import; that one has a whole host of metadata schemas, including schema.org, implemented.

    Note that you can't test this out easily since it depends on another PR on the Zotero core code.
  • I'm not in a big hurry, so I think I'll wait for the PRs to percolate into a beta.

    This sounds like a great solution for me, once it's implemented, because my templates already emit schema.org metadata for the publications, so it will be straightforward for me to also emit a JSON-LD object containing a corresponding data structure.
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