How often does Zotero poll for group library changes?

When group library members work asynchronously, synching ever-so-often (or at startup) is fine. However, sometimes we co-work, and then longer polling for updates is not ideal. How often does Zotero poll for remote changes to group libraries, and can it be set to poll more often?
  • I understood Dan to be saying that this should occur immediately with changes to the remote library:
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    Interesting. That's definitely not the case for me or indeed what was happening at a recent workshop. Strange.

    For example, somebody in our team is doing some 'gardening' in our group library. And when I hit sync after say 10 mins, I get several items that have 'modified' timestamps within those last 10 mins (Edit: and spread out across those 10 mins - there's about a change per minute). So the sync is definitely behind by 10 mins.

    Similarly, should the push local->remote be practically immediate as well?

    Edit: The issue does seem to be intermittent. At the moment, the library syncs relatively quickly. Maybe it's an issue with push at the other end?

    (@danstillman: 5.0.61-beta.23+3c6ab77e4)
  • With auto-sync enabled, uploads happen 15 seconds after your last change, and downloads happen within a few seconds of remote changes.

    You can figure out where the problem is by making a change to your online library, which should appear in your local library in about 5 seconds.
  • Thanks!

    Is it possible to make the 15 sec shorter (as an optional setting), in cases where we collaborate in real-time?

    Another thing I was wondering about - suppose I keep making changes (as sometimes happens when somebody does 'gardening'). Is there a time-out after which sync will happen no matter what? If there isn't one, I think it might explain what we've seen in workshops...
  • @dstillman - it seems that when waking from sleep, Zotero doesn't immediately poll for updates. Is that correct?
  • We wouldn't make this configurable, but we're going to look into shortening the timeout after local changes (which dates to the previous sync architecture, before we had push notifications coming the other way) and adding a maximum timeout.

    We'll also try to add an auto-sync on wake from sleep.

  • That would be great! Many thanks!!
  • @dstillman Just to add that upon changing a library name online, sync isn't triggered. When I manually initiated sync, the name changed immediately.
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