Tags not syncing


Debug ID: D1521991532
  • Can you say more about exactly what you mean here? That debug output doesn't show any local changes to upload.

    Generally, though, see Changes Not Syncing.
  • Yes, checked that section on the website, and tried all those items. None seem to apply here. I'm making tags in the desktop window, which I can see are enabled to apply online because I've done them in different folders for a group library for about 8 weeks now, and worked fine so far. But this week, when I sync the files, they copy into the online library with no tags.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID that shows 1) adding a tag to an item and 2) syncing, with the tag not appearing online?
  • Not sure how to do that for all steps -- will this work on a sample source?
  • There's no debug output in there. See the instructions again — you need to start logging, do the two actions I describe, and then submit the output.
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