Save to zotero seem not always to understand what to save

Go to this in firefox it will show as a preview pdf. But Zotero believes it is a webpage, so zotero believes it should save as a webpage instead to save as a pdf to fetch metainformation etc.
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    It works for me (Ubuntu, Firefox and Zotero 5.0.60). The pdf is recognized as a pdf by Zotero. What's your OS and your version of Zotero?
  • @Grode Could you submit a Report ID from the Zotero Connector?
  • Yes if you can tell me how. My reports will be flooded with a lot of messages that my quota have be used up (that is correct and not any error), but the "save to zotero" in firefox does not seem to leave anything in the report. Would be nice to just be able to shut those down (actually I would much rather figure out how I could setup Zotero to store and syncronise my content on my Synology NAS, but so far I have not been able to turn the storage to that location.

    What I can see is that for some places like the one I mentioned then sometimes Zotero select to save like a webpage with snapshot instead of as pdf. I just has the same with Springer.
    And it is not consistent. Sometimes it happens, while other times it does not. I have made a 2 minutes video that shows how it can be different if you are interested.
  • Maybe I found it: Report ID: 1505122859
  • Could you produce a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector?

    1. Open the Zotero Connector preferences
    2. In the Advanced tab of the Zotero Connector preferences, check the box next to “Enable Logging.” Do not close this tab.
    3. In a new tab navigate to "" and wait for it to fully load
    4. Go back to the Advanced tab of the Zotero Connector preferences, uncheck "Enable Logging" and click Submit to Zotero Server.
    5. You will be provided with a Debug ID (e.g., “D12345678”). Please post the Debug ID in this thread.
  • I will try to remember next time this happens. Just now it seem to work perfect. I'll be back.
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