How to drag a personal doc to My Publications?

Try as I will, I do not seem to be able to drag my articles into My Publications. I click to drag from My Library and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  • Could it be that you're trying to publish an attachment (or a note) and not an item?

    When dragging an item (other than note/attachment), the cursor should change when hovering over "My Publications" and once the item is dropped, a dialog should open.

    If you create a new empty item using the green "+" button from the toolbar, let's say a "book" for example, and try to drag that item into "My Publications", does it work?
  • I am trying to drag into My Publications a PDF document of which I am the author. And to your second question, there was no problem dragging a newly created empty item into "My Publications". Thanks for your interest and help.
  • Right, so you'll want to right-click on the PDF and choose "Retrieve Metadata for PDF". If that doesn't work, use "Create Parent Item" and enter data manually, or save the item some other way (from an article page, using Add Item by Identifier, etc.) and drag the PDF onto it. You can only add regular items with metadata to My Publications, not standalone attachments.
  • Thank you. I understand now. I created a parent item and there was no problem.
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    I tried to drag items into My Publications collection to enable me create a list of reference to share a link. It does not work. I tried to add an item manually and by identifier. None of these buttons works. Any help out there?
  • Add the item to My Library first, then drag it to My Publications after.
  • Thanks. I followed the explanation and I have been able to drag items to My publications collection.
    Is it possible to creat a link to these poblications and share it?
  • I have checked but they have not appeared.
    I have seen those of bwiernik.
  • You need to sync after dragging the items to My Publications.
  • The publications have appeared after syncing.
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