Safari Extension Text Color on MacOS with Dark Appearance

I wanted to point out one usability concern with the Safari Extension to get in the dev pipeline. When MacOS is set to the Dark appearance in System Preferences > General, it also affects the UI of Safari. However, it seems the Zotero plug-in doesn't listen fully for that change. While the click and hold menu background is dark, so is the text. The standard behavior of my other plugins is to turn the text to white so it is more visible.

Please see screenshots here:
  • Apple no longer allows Zotero to update its extension, so I don’t think this will be fixable. I recommend you switch to Firefox.
  • Fair, I misunderstood the guidance after it was approved in December for one last update.
  • (We don't actually know if Apple would approve further updates of the current extension, but it's not particularly tempting to spend time working on Safari-specific changes, submit it, and wait weeks or months to find out. If there are significant updates to the other browser extensions, we may try to submit new versions of the Safari extension with the same changes.)
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