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Citeulike is closing down. So I - and quite a lot of other people - are looking for an alternative. Is there a neat importer? Note citeulike exports a whole bibtex file of my references - but there are also pdfs. I have a little script to export - but I’m wary of using it as a) I’m not convinced using this with zoetrope would import the linked pdfs and b) someone out there has something better! Anyone? Code for import:
  • Also the precious component of CiteULike is the tagging system. Without the tags, it's just a heap of crap. If you can't import to Zotero without losing tags, I don't see *THAT* much gain in migrating here. (Sorry that it does not answer your question, @willwade :-\ )
  • Another CiteULike refugee here. (Sniff.)

    In general, how are people finding Zotero as a replacement for CiteULike?

    My previous workflow had been to browse articles, and use CiteULike's importation function as needed. DOI import had been reliable on CiteULike for years and years. Now I am trying to mimic that workflow using Zotero.

    I imported my last .bib file from CUL, and everything *seemed* to be reasonably intact -- even my CUL tags appeared to be available at first glance.

    Today, I tried to import a new article (i.e. just published today) via feeding the DOI to Zotero using the Chrome connector. Nothing appeared to happen, and an author search in Zotero for one of the co-authors of the source did not yield the new reference. Indeed, when I clicked on the dx.doi link, the DOI system whinged that it did not (yet) know about the source. Fair enough, but I still think that the failed import should have given me *some* kind of warning, rather than just silently failing.

    Is this worthy of filing a bug-report with Zotero over (given the ephemeral nature of the missing-DOI info)?

  • When you say the article is published, does it have a webpage? Can you post that here? The best way to get metadata in to Zotero is to visit the published page and use Zotero's translator to save the article/item. If that fails, THEN, use other methods like DOI lookup.
  • I'm not quite sure I understand how you tried to import, but pasting a DOI into the "add by identifier" box (the magic wand), will indeed give you an error if it doesn't get imported.
  • OK. Further info follows.
    Evidently, Zotero did indeed import a citation, but it failed to scrape the authors' names. That means, when I searched for one of the names, it simply did not find it.
    Fair enough. Scraping odd sites is difficult.
    The URL in question is this:
    After manually manipulating the Zotero record, I now have a viable reference to the piece.
    I'm going to chalk this up to PEBKAC, since it was part of my "learning curve" for Zotero.
  • If you hover over the "Save to Zotero" icon, it will tell you how it will import the item in question. If it lists the name of the site, import will typically be of very high quality. If it says "Embedded Metadata" (as in this case), the quality of imported data will vary a lot, ranging from perfect to just the title, so you should make sure to double-check in those cases.

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