springer LNCS web sources - including DOI

Dear all,

I need to make a bibliography for an LNCS Springer journal. However, I want to include DOI's (as Springer recommends). However, the regular LCNS Zotero styles do not include the DOI.

I tried to make one myself, but I'm not able to make one. Can someone help me please!

Much appreciated.

Kind regards,

  • Just add DOI between other
    library details

    ex.: there is your bibliography plan:

    Author, title, year

    If you want put an Publisher between author and title either do something like that:

    In info about author thing write:
    Author: Author, Publisher

    Or in title

    Title: Publisher, Title

    Sorry for my bad English, I hope you get the point
  • I did not get the point but managed finally to find http://editor.citationstyles.org/visualEditor/ and managed to make it work. Supersite!
  • You need to wrap code examples in <code> tags for it to show up on the forums.
  • Our Springer LNCS styles now include DOIs. Thanks for letting us know about this.
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