Citing multiple sources using Zotero and MVDA


I am a new Zotero user who also uses Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) to access my windows 10 computer.

With NVDA, the default add citation dialogue is completely inaccessible and simply reads me a long string of HTML and shows me an unlabeled button that allows me to switch to the classic dialogue.

In the classic dialogue, I cannot access the button to add multiple works to a citation. The button simply does not exist according to NVDA regardless of how I try to reach it or which navigation cursor I use.

Has zotero been tested for screen reader accessibility? Can anyone work with me or with the MVDA community to fix the functionality of adding multiple works to a citation using a screen reader?

I am running zotero 5.0.60 on a windows 10 machine with MS word 2016.

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