Feature Request

Would it be possible to implement horizontal scrolling in the main viewer... every time one needs to open the info panel or resize a column, the ones at the end all bunch up and even get reduced to a small unreadable size, and you end up having to constantly readjust multiple column sizes so you can see what the bunched up columns are.
  • You can disable unneeded columns in the item list to make more space for important ones. You may also prefer to use the stacked view which will put the info pane under the item list. You can find the preference under Preferences -> General.
  • Thanks, I do know about how to select and deselect columns, and yes stacking view is an option, to give more real estate... its overall not a big deal, but I have used other progs before and horizontal scrolling is standard... and I prefer the info column on the right side toggling on and off as needed... doing so of course requires the extra step of readjusting each column. I assumed it would be a simple implementation, but Im not a developer.
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