Anomaly? Endnote Book Year - Date field (using RIS) mapping problem

When exporting Book records from EN, the "Year published" field does not always map correctly. In Endnote, the Book Reference Types (Zotero Item type) have a Year field and a Date field.
Databases such as LoC or the local Uni library don't populate the Date field for Books when importing. So in some cases I have repurposed the Date field to indicate other aspects (date of purchase of book, date borrowed from library etc).
Now, when I export from Endnote X9 to Zotero (using RIS) and the DA tag is empty (ie nothing in the endnote Date field), the Year field (PY) is correctly mapped, but if the Date field has an entry, it supersedes the proper Year field.
Is this by design? Short of modifying the RIS style output (which is easy to do of course) is there any reason why I would want to change this custom usage of EN (entering custom dates in the Date field)? Would there be any disadvantage in simply deleting DA from the RIS style output (for Books and Edited Books)?
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