Problem with importing metadata and abstract from _some_ SAGE journals

edited February 28, 2019
I am encountering more and more SAGE journals that are not providing complete metadata when I click the default Zotero download button. I hope that something can be done to have Zotero recognize the problem pages and obtain more comprehensive metadata. If this is not something that can be accomplished with reasonable effort; please suggest language I can use to make my contacts at SAGE understand the nature of this problem without specifically mentioning Zotero. They point out that the RIS contains almost everything and say that they will recommend that the RIS also include the article language (see below) but I'd really like to have Zotero work better with these journals.

See, for example:

The webpages for this journal hide the volume, issue, pagination, etc. under an "article information" link. This information is also missing from the embedded metadata.

The default Zotero brings down the article title, authors and abstract.

The optional DOI download downloads everything but the abstract.

If I download the RIS from the page I obtain everything except the article language.


Here is another SAGE journal that similarly hides article metadata but the Zotero download button in default SAGE mode retrieves everything.

Thank you

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