APA 6th edition formatting error in bibliography

When creating a bibliography from active references, it shows the used edition. This should be omitted for 1st editions, but is not.

Løw, O. (2014). Kommunikationsteori og anerkendende kommunikation mellem elev og lærer. I Elevers læring og udvikling - også i komplicerede læringssituationer (1. udg., s. 121–135). Kbh.: Akademisk Forlag.
Skovlund, H. (2014). Udvikling og udviklingsstøttende relationer - herunder motivation og køn. I Elevers læring og udvikling - også i komplicerede læringssituationer (2. udg., s. 19–31). Kbh.: Akademisk Forlag.

(References in Danish, mind the language-gap) Notice it says both 1. udg. and 2. udg. (1st edition and 2nd edition).
Omitting the '1st edition tag' and noting only later editions is the standard.
  • Zotero/CSL cannot test the contents of the edition field in this way. If you want to omit edition data for first editions, you would need to remove that data from your library. Personally, this is one of the APA rules that is frankly unnecessary and serves to inhibit automation and also increases confusion to the reader—nothing is lost by including the first edition information and clarity is gained by including it. I recommend you just leave the data intact and the edition information in the reference.
  • I agree we won't change this in CSL, but I'd personally clean out 1 or "1st edition" from the edition field. We actually do this automatically in some translators.
  • Totally fair, it's an awful rule. Assumed oversight before rebellion and wanted to bring it to attention. If they really wanna suppress my 1st editions they can take 'em from my cold, dead hands.
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