Informaworld site translator not working


I have been trying to download articles from Informaworld

When landing on the contents page of a journal and wanting to download several articles by clicking on the folder icon in the url address bar up top central of screen, I get the "could not save item" message. I have tried this on a range of journals to which I have access, and it is the same with them all. But you can try if you like on the two latest issues of the International Journal of Human Rights, which is what I was after.

I *can* drag and drop the PDF link to the article from the same page, I *can* also download each article individually by going to the artilce page and then hitting the article icon that comes up in the url bar. But it is tedious to have to do this so many times ;-)

I have following all the reset instructions, have the latest beta of firefox and zotero, etc.

many thanks, and keep up the terrific work....
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