Style Request: {ArchA}


As this is still needed and missing as it seems, let me provide the details required as per the link provided above (sorry for recreating it as the orig. thread could not bew found anymore and was from 2018 as it seems):

1. As far as I know no useable Archa Style is available right now
2. Should be this thread right now :)
3. Link to the style documentation:


It seems as there is some github page for the styles for direct use with biber (or the like)

Some description on how somebody implemented it for biblatex (as it seems):

There is no "in-text" citation as the style uses footnotes.
The authors name is required to be written in "Kapitälchen" which was translated to "small caps" by google translate dunno if this is the proper term.

The footnotes would look like:
MARES 2001, 78-79.
MARES 2001, 77f.
MARES 2001, 77ff.

In the bibliography it would look like: (again the authors name in small caps)

J. L. Campbell, O.K. Pedersen, The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success, Comparative Political Studies 40/3, 2007, 307-332.

MARES 2001
I. Mares, Firms and the welfare state: When, why and how does social policy matter to employers? In: P. A. HALL, D. S. SOSKICE (Hrsg.), Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage. New York 2001, 184-213.
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