Keyboard shortcuts for changing author tag?

When manually adding a Book Section, is there a keyboard shortcut 1) for adding another author field and 2) for changing the author field to 'editor'? Please note that I am using a screen reader. Many thanks.
  • shift+return while in the author lastname field of the last author will add another author. You can tab into that field.

    I'm not aware of keyboard shortcuts for changing the author type (or for moving creators up or down or removing authors, for that matter)
  • Many thanks. That is very helpful.
  • there are a couple of things in the right-hand pane that look like they're complete inaccessible; Zotero will need to do some work on this. My sense is that that's unlikely to happen before a larger re-design which is planned, unless there's a quick fix (e.g. making the creator dropdown tab-able, which should be possible I think)
  • edited February 28, 2019
    Yeah, sorry about this. We'll be porting the item pane to a new framework in the near future, and we'll be fixing the accessibility of those elements at that time.
  • +1 for this. Currently there seems to be no way to switch from entering (last), (first) to (full name) and no way to change between Author/Editor/etc. using the keyboard
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