Excluding indexed PDFs in a search

I'd like to do a search (a quick one or a more advanced one) that excludes the indexed materials in attached/linked pdfs.

In the advanced search dialog, I can search indexed content but I can't exclude it. (Or I'm missing something.) Also, what I'd like in the advanced search is an option to exclude something but then search in "ALL" fields. Is that possible, and am I missing it, or should this be a feature suggestion?

  • I don't have too many top-level PDFs & so I just check "only show top-level items" in advanced search or collapse the results of a quick search so that only top-level items are shown.
  • Ah, that's a good tip -- thanks! I just had to figure out how to collapse results in quick and advanced search -- very simple: just - or + (the latter is, ususally shift+=).
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