MODS vs Bibliontology RDF [Answered]

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For years, I've used Zotero as a perfect means of capturing metadata from multiple publishers, exporting that in MODS format and importing the MODS to my online database and index via a custom parser. Comments in this thread have raised questions about the suitability/quality of MODS for this purpose. I am not concerned about notes but I do require export of tags or keywords. Is some other system such as bibliontology.rdf or Zotero a more complete export format? What about pmid or pmcid?

To summarize: am I missing something important if I continue to use MODS?
  • Probably not. MODS is mainly used in libraries, of course, and so is probably more commonly used for books (which was my comment in the other thread) but if you're happy with the data you're getting across via MODS for journal articles, I wouldn't change anything.
    Overall, Zotero.RDF is of course the most complete export format, but I don't know how much that matters for journal articles.
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    I didn't reply because I don't quite know the etiquette for adding "thank you" to an answered thread. Is the appreciation shown to the answer-giver enough to outweigh an additional post to a completed thread?

    Sebastian, please know that your wisdom and willingness to help are greatly appreciated.
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