Attachments Not Shared between Users

I have a number of libraries set up for a project at work, each of which has pdf attachments for bibliography entries.
Everyone is able to view attachments in libraries that I have set up and shared. Attachments in libraries set up and shared by others, however, are only available to the person who created that library.
The settings on each person's computer are, as far as I can see, identical in relevant respects. File syncing, etc, are all ticked.
We typically attach files in the program, but the problem persists for files attached online.
I am currently using version 5.0.59 of Zotero.

Help appreciated!
  • Thanks.
    I have done everything prescribed in the article without luck. Is there any way to achieve a 'clean slate' with respect to a particular computer's sync history without jeopardising the existence of files that haven't properly uploaded to Zotero?
  • You definitely haven't done the last thing on that page:
    If you've performed all these steps, see the file on the server, and still can't access the file on Computer B, then go to the Sync → Reset pane of the Zotero preferences on Computer B, choose Reset File Sync History, generate a Debug ID for the next sync attempt and an attempt to open the file, and post the Debug ID to the Zotero forums.
  • I finally got around to doing this! My Debug ID is: D968021239.
  • I don't see an unsuccessful attempt to open a file in that debug output.
  • I should have been more specific, my apologies. There is no problem with opening files. The issue is that files uploaded and synced by computer A do not appear as attachments for computer B, either in the program or online.
  • OK, then we would want to see a Debug ID for 1) adding a file to Zotero and 2) the following sync that doesn't upload the file.
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