Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note) / Same reference cites consecutively


I'm using Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note) .

When I cite the same reference consecutively, the title of the second citation, in the footnote, does not appear. Only the name of the author appears:

Fist citation: Bunge, Chasing reality.
Consecutive second citation: Bunge. [without title]

But all is fine if I insert another reference between the two citations of the first reference:

First citation first reference: Bunge, Chasing reality.
First citation second reference: Bunge, “Demarcating science from pseudoscience.”
Second citation first reference: Bunge, Chasing reality.

Is there a way to get the title when citing the same reference consecutively?
To obtain something like this:

First citation :Bunge, Chasing reality.
Consecutive second citation : Bunge, Chasing reality.

Thanks a lot,

François Maurice

  • The Chicago Manual specifies two formats for subsequent citations to an item. If the citation immediately follows a citation to the same item (where ibid used to be used), it says to just use the author names and the page number. If there is a citation to a different item in between, then the authors, short title, and page numbers are given. Zotero follows this rule.
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