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I have a problem with Zotero's advanced search.
I created in 2 references "a marker" : "A lire".
When I search in advanced search "Marker" contains" "A lire": the 2 references with this marker are displayed: it's perfect.

On the other hand if I search "Marker" "does not contain": "A lire", I should have all the references except the 2 references which contain the marker "A lire".
But NOT : all the references are displayed including the 2 references which are in light gray color.

Could you explain to me why ? Is it normal ?
Thank you very much in advance
  • The light gray means they don't match the search but are needed for context, in this case likely because the search matches their child items. You can use "Show only top-level items" to limit the search to top-level items.
  • Thank you very much
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