Authors' initials, bug?

Hello.. it seems that I've encountered a long-standing bug with multiple authors with same surname. I have 8 references from Ralf Schwarzer in my library and with every source, the format is written similarly (last name Schwarzer, and first name Ralf) without leading or trailing spaces. So it's a single author who should not be disambiguated between citations. However, clicking refresh with my 111 page document adds author's initial R. for four different(!) citations. Any suggestions how to fix?

ps. I'm using APA 6th edition style with date 7/8/2018
  • Those four citations are likely to item(s) that you have deleted from your library (rather then merging). Delete those citations and re-insert them from your library (rather than from the “Cited items” section).
  • Hello; and thank you - that was the case! I was not aware that Zotero somehow saves even orphaned entities.
  • Zotero embeds the citation data for cited items into the document so, for example, you can share the document with a colleague without access to your library and still have it work correctly.
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