Grey shades persist

I am working on a long document (30 pages, 100+ citations) and after having to wait quite long after each citation I inserted, I decided to turn off the automatically update function. After I did that, the grey shading of new citations started. However, after manually updating, those grey shades didn't disappear. Even when turning automatic update back on, they are still there. Also when exporting to pdf. I killed them now by selecting the whole document and turning the highlighting off. However it does frighten, when you keep seeing those!
  • This is just a display feature in Word. It’s useful to show you text that is automatically generated and hat shouldn’t be manually edited. You can turn it off if you like
  • This happened to me in Google Docs and the shading persisted when exporting to PDF.
  • You should note which word processor you use. The grey shades in Word and LibreOffice are there to indicate fields, but in Google Docs it's an indicator of citations inserted with automatic citation updates unchecked (in Zotero document preferences) and there to remind you to click Refresh before submitting the document.
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