Webdav error, but works anyway!

After recurring problems using Cloudme for Webdav syncing, I switched today to MyCore (a cloud service provided by the CNRS in France). Hitting "Verify Server" in the Sync Settings gives the error
"The WebDAV server did not accept the username and password you entered. Please check your file sync settings or contact your WebDAV server administrator"
However, after saving the settings anyway, sync then worked fine. Now if I go back into the settings and Verify, it says it's set up successfully. Can you see if this a bug on your side, or MyCore?
  • There's a bug where the WebDAV settings are a little finicky at the moment, and sometimes it doesn't reflect the new settings until you move out of a field or close the window. If it's working for you now, you're good.
  • The same problem for me, I am using Nutshell for webdav.
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