help finishing a style for Textual Practices

Hi, I've managed to repurpose the Acta Philosophica style to fit the demands [and by the way, special circle of hell for editors of humanities journals who go, 'we have a special house style, we can't provide you with all the information you may need to conform to it' what am I supposed to do? guess?] of Textual Practices.
The only thing I can't figure out, as not a real coder, is how to have an "ed. and trans." option for when the editor and translator are both the same.
I've got my code up here:

all help greatfully received.
  • Instead of the separate macros editor and translator you would have a combined one
    <macro name="editor-translator">
    <names variable="editor translator" delimiter=", " prefix=" ">
    <label form="short" suffix=" "/>
    <name and="text" delimiter=", "/>

    that's it.
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