adding DOI to style CSL [specifically IEEE (with URL)]

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I'm trying to work with the IEEE style adapted to meet some specifications.

I'm trying to use Zotero to create bibliography and I've gotten it to work for the most part but there's one thing I need to add. A carriage return and then the DOI for each entry.

is what I'm using so far. It's not too different from the default IEEE style and I did some digging and I found this code

which when you alter from some styles _removes_ DOI so I figured adding it could add DOI to bibliogrpahy but the best I could do is add it to the end of the entry without a carriage return.

This is an example of what I would like the target bibliography entry to look like.


**Edit**: After talking it over with the librarians and the chair I think the stock IEEE will work. With the exception that I do need to put the DOI at the end of the Bibliography item.

However IEEE (with URL) isn't putting URLs for every item

as seen here

in spite of the fact that the entries do have the URL entry filled in. So my question is much simplified. How would I edit the style so that the URL is added on Journal types and not just.. apparently patents.
  • check the "Include URL" box in the Cite --> Styles tab of the Zotero preferences.
  • Awesome. For whatever reason I could NOT find the preferences option or I might have tried that. Not entirely what I'm looking for but mostly because it raises new problems. Still it's a good start and I might be able to regex the rest of it if formatting isn't important. If I need to I'll be back with more questions. Thanks @adamsmith
  • I can also tell you to modify the style to include the DOI if you want to -- isn't hard and DOIs>>> URLs
  • yes please. that's what they had asked for in the first place. if I can get that for them that'll probably go down much smoother.
    (you'll obviously want to give it a reasonable filename like ieee-csme-journal.csl when downloading)
  • honestly my first thought is dang that's a beautiful pastebin. I'll check it out when I get back to my desk. Thanks.
  • Yeah so far that's working out very nicely by the way. I keep starting to respond to that and failing to hit Post. In short it wasn't perfect but it was critical. I got the major parts to work and I was able to tinker around and finish it up. So thanks again @adamsmith.
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    I'm also trying to add DOI in IEEE style.
    @adamsmith, is it possible to post your code again please ?
    The link seems dead.
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