Problem with some Open Journal Systems imports : Page numbers

edited February 20, 2019
For some Open Journal Systems journals the page numbers are being imported with the ending page entered twice. Examples:

607-616-616 (the final ending page is a repeat)

Social Behavior and Personality

African Safety Promotion (articles do not have DOIs) but a Google search on the title will find the article online:

- Relationship between symbolic violence and overt violence in hate incidents in South Africa

- Symbolic violence and the invisibility of disability

African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies (again, no DOI)

Harmful use of alcohol among Nigerian undergraduates: the influence of alcohol-risk perception, religiosity and gender

Familial drinking habit, emotional stability and alcohol use in a sample of male and female adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria


This double ending page number seems to exist now on all African Journals Online records. It has become a frequent problem with newer implementations of Open Journal Systems journals.

Thanks for looking into this. The pagination is easily edited to make the corrections but I hope that the problem can be fixed with the import translator -- the pagination is correct in the webpage headers.
  • The DOIs for me lead to Ingenta pages where import is broken.

    I think we should be able to fix the pagination issue for the others. The problem is that the journal enter the full page range into citation_firstpage and then Zotero tries to figure out a lastpage number and adds that. We can probably safely disable that attempt when there's a range in citation_firstpage
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