Authors not being properly applied in Bibliography

I am having a very hard time getting 2 studies to follow my bibliography style (brain-research.csl) all my other citations with multiple authors work properly. I have tried deleting the papers and re-importing them using the DOI and NCBID. Below are screenshots of what occurs.

You can view it here:

Below is the syntax taken from the .bib file

title = {Repeated Mild Lateral Fluid Percussion Brain Injury in the Rat Causes Cumulative Long-Term Behavioral Impairments, Neuroinflammation, and Cortical Loss in an Animal Model of Repeated Concussion},
volume = {29},
issn = {1557-9042},
doi = {10.1089/neu.2011.2123},
abstract = {There is growing evidence that repeated brain concussion can result in cumulative and long-term behavioral symptoms, neuropathological changes, and neurodegeneration. Little is known about the factors and mechanisms that contribute to these effects. The current study addresses the need to investigate and better understand the effects of repeated concussion through the development of an animal model. Male Long-Evans rats received 1, 3, or 5 mild lateral fluid percussion injuries or sham injuries spaced 5 days apart. After the final injury, rats received either a short (24 h) or long (8 weeks) post-injury recovery period, followed by a detailed behavioral analysis consisting of tests for rodent anxiety-like behavior, cognition, social behavior, sensorimotor function, and depression-like behavior. Brains were examined immunohistochemically to assess neuroinflammation and cortical damage. Rats given 1, 3, or 5 mild percussion injuries displayed significant short-term cognitive impairments. Rats given repeated mild percussion injuries displayed significantly worse short- and long-term cognitive impairments. Rats given 5 mild percussion injuries also displayed increased anxiety- and depression-like behaviors. Neuropathological analysis revealed short-term neuroinflammation in 3-injury rats, and both short- and long-term neuroinflammation in 5-injury rats. There was also evidence that repeated injuries induced short- and long-term cortical damage. These cumulative and long-term changes are consistent with findings in human patients suffering repeated brain concussion, provide support for the use of repeated mild lateral fluid percussion injuries to study repeated concussion in the rat, and suggest that neuroinflammation may be important for understanding the cumulative and chronic effects of repeated concussion.},
language = {eng},
number = {2},
journal = {Journal of Neurotrauma},
author = {Shultz, Sandy and Bao, Feng and Omana, Vanessa and Chiu, Charlotte and Brown, Arthur and Cain, Donald P.},
month = jan,
year = {2012},
keywords = {Animals,Brain Concussion,Brain Damage; Chronic,Brain Injuries,Cerebral Cortex,Disease Models; Animal,Inflammation,Male,Mental Disorders,Neurodegenerative Diseases,Rats,Rats; Long-Evans,Recurrence,Time},
pages = {281-294},
pmid = {21933013},
note = {00112}

title = {Sub-Concussive Brain Injury in the {{Long}}-{{Evans}} Rat Induces Acute Neuroinflammation in the Absence of Behavioral Impairments},
volume = {229},
issn = {1872-7549},
doi = {10.1016/j.bbr.2011.12.015},
abstract = {Sub-concussive brain injuries may result in neurophysiological changes, cumulative effects, and neurodegeneration. The current study investigated the effects of a mild lateral fluid percussion injury (0.50-0.99 atm) on rat behavior and neuropathology to address the need to better understand sub-concussive brain injury. Male Long-Evans rats received either a single mild lateral fluid percussion injury or a sham-injury, followed by either a short (24 h) or long (4 weeks) recovery period. After recovery, rats underwent extensive behavioral testing consisting of tasks for rodent cognition, anxiety- and depression-like behaviors, social behavior, and sensorimotor function. At the completion of behavioral testing rats were sacrificed and brains were examined immunohistochemically with markers for neuroinflammation and axonal injury. No significant group differences were found on behavioral and axonal injury measures. However, rats given one mild fluid percussion injury displayed an acute neuroinflammatory response, consisting of increased microglia/macrophages and reactive astrogliosis, at 4 days post-injury. Neuroinflammation is a mechanism with the potential to contribute to the cumulative and neurodegenerative effects of repeated sub-concussive injuries. The current findings are consistent with findings in humans experiencing a sub-concussive blow, and provide support for the use of mild lateral fluid percussion injury in the rat as a model of sub-concussive brain injury.},
language = {eng},
number = {1},
journal = {Behavioural Brain Research},
author = {Shultz, Sandy R. and MacFabe, Derrick F. and Foley, Kelly A. and Taylor, Roy and Cain, Donald P.},
month = apr,
year = {2012},
keywords = {Male,Time Factors,Analysis of Variance,Animals,Disease Models; Animal,Rats,Rats; Long-Evans,Social Behavior,Brain Concussion,Recovery of Function,Maze Learning,Brain,Locomotion,Behavior; Animal,Anxiety,Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor,Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein,Antigens; CD,Antigens; Differentiation; Myelomonocytic,Cell Count,Encephalitis},
pages = {145-152},
pmid = {22245525},
note = {00073}
  • I’m not following. What are you saying is wrong with these items?
  • What is wrong with these items is that when I use them as a reference in word (please see uploaded image), the authors name is produced in the citations. This is incorrect.

    I assume its due to the authors name not being formatted correctly but I am unable to find the error (I pasted the .bib version for reference).

    The .bib is also not exporting the citekey that is shown in Zotero.

    Let me know if this makes it more clear, if not I can upload some more images in an attempt to make the question crystal clear.

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