Citations for Youtube videos

I have a video of a lecture that was uploaded onto YouTube. What is the best way to
1) Enter it into Zotero?
2) Cite it (do you use time stamps?)
  • You can use the Save to Zotero button in your browser to import from YouTube. (see It will import as "Video Recording".

    When citing, insert a citation as normal. If you need to refer to a specific time point in the video, refer to a timestamp. You can enter the timestamp in the suffix field.
  • Thank you, to follow up Zotero did not fully populate the fields (nor did I expect it to do so) could you please assist me with the fields and how it should be done.

    The video is of a lecture that was posted by the University of Chicago Center for International Studies from their series on Global Energies. The lecture was entitled Myths and Realities and was given by Anthony Ingraffea,

    In Zotero, the Save to Zotero tool populated the Title based on what the Center's Video title was, Director as the You Tube Channels' username (UChicagoCISSR) and the URL and running time.

    How would I format the remaining information. What field(s) should I use.
  • Just the author (or username), title, posting date, and URL should be sufficient. The lecturer or series aren't really necessary. To what Zotero imports, just add the date of posting to Date if not already added.
  • Just to follow up on this.

    I want to cite a YouTube clip from the movie "Animal House." It's the classic, but very short scene ( in which Kevin Bacon shouts "All is well."

    The video recording item type is oriented to an original work, but in this case the item is a short excerpt. In a circumstance like this, does the reference information (but not the link) (1) refer only to the original movie, (2) to the YouTube page with the poster as "Director," (3) combine an ad hoc hybrid between a web page and a video, or (4) use a different item type such as "web page"?
  • I would cite the full film "Animal House" as a "Film" item and provide a timestamp for the clip referenced (enter this in the Suffix field in the Add/Edit Citation window in Word). Cite the director of the full film. You can provide the URL for the YouTube clip as a retrieval aid.

    If you do want to cite the clip from YouTube, you can still cite it using the "Video Recording" or "Film" item types. Enter the YouTube poster as "Director".
  • I am unable to produce a reference to a youtube video using APA. This is the reference in Zotero:

    What did Baudrillard think about The Matrix?
    Type Video Recording
    Director [Cuck Philosophy]
    Date 2019-09-11
    Format Video File

    This is Zotero's APA citation:
    [Cuck Philosophy]. (2019). What did Baudrillard think about The Matrix? [Video File]. Retrieved from

    This should be the citation according to APA[1]:
    [Cuck Philosophy]. (2019, Sep 11). What did Baudrillard think about The Matrix? [Video File]. Retrieved from

  • I'm afraid Zotero can't pick up APA's fine distinction between a video (just cite the year) and a video blog (cite the full year). I don't think we'll try to in the future, either.
  • I suspect this is something that will also go away in APA 7th edition.
  • I’m having trouble getting Zotero to auto-populate fields for a youtube video.

    I had to manually enter the video’s username (author) and date.

    Then, when I copy/paste the bibliography for that item, it’s missing the month and day and the words “Video File”.

    For this video: , I get this bibliography:

    Duncan, S. (2013). Carl Rogers and Gloria—Counselling (1965) Full Session. Retrieved from

    Also, the text is copying in two colors, white and black, so I have to manually change the color after copying it.

    Any suggestions to fix this? Thanks!
  • Video File needs to be added as "Format"
    For full date, see my answer above.
  • Thanks. That helped with the Video File.

    Regarding date, shouldn't zotero be able to recognize a youtube url and then format it correctly? I don't know the mechanics, but Z does such a good job of recognizing types of sources in other ways, seems like it should be possible.
  • No, citation styles can't change output based on the content of specific fields, sorry.
  • Ok, got it. Thanks.
  • Have a look at the APA examples for AUDIOVISUAL MEDIA.

    What Zotero Format should I use?

    Same with ONLINE MEDIA - SOCIAL MEDIA e.g. TikTok video

    Please update the formats of ZOTERO to match apastyle…
    Or can I create my own formats?
  • See and

    for entering YouTube videos into Zotero. I don't think there are TikTok videos in the manual, but they follow the exact same pattern.
  • I'm having an issue with citation in word where it correclty shows me the short citation ([Channel name] [Date]), but when I enter the citation it switches the channel name to [Anon.], any idea why (It also does that for the bibliography at the end of my essay)? Thanks for any answers.
  • What citation style are you using?

    Enter the channel name like this in Extra rather than in the Director field:

    Author: Channel Name

    @dstillman Would it be possible to set the default creator type for Video Recording to be one mapped to CSL author rather than director?
  • @bwiernik: Like a "Creator" creator type that mapped to Author?
  • @dstillman Yes that would work
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