Word 2018 blue "dots" between words

Hey guys,

I am turning to you because I don't know whom else I could ask.
I've got a weird thing going on with Word 2018. Zotero works just fine, that's not the issue. However, between the individual words of my text, blue "dots" appear. They indicate that I hit the space key in between the words (obviously). However, I cannot make them go away. I know that formatting characters can turned on and off with just one simple click by hitting on the symbol that looks like the letter "p", only turned to the left side. However, the dots do not go away. it kinda freaks me out because it distracts me a lot. I can't find anything on the Internet since the version of word that I use is a very new one (2018). Can anybody tell me how to get rid of these permanent blue space characters?
  • it seems to be a permanent document setting, since all of my older documents now also highlight the spaces between the words with blue dots....
  • This has nothing to do with Zotero. These are just Word’s “formatting marks” indicating where spaces and other hidden characters are. You can turn them off by clicking on the paragraph symbol (backwards P) on the Home tab.
  • Thank you for your comment.
    I have already explained in the original entry that Zotero works perfectly fine and that I do not know whom else to contact concerning my problem.

    As also already mentioned in my original post, i tried to turn them off by clicking on the paragraph symbol several times. It does not work. They are still there. Any further suggestions?
  • Sorry, but you'll want to try Microsoft support or a generic computer or Microsoft-related support forum. There's a small number of volunteers here, we can't start answering non-Zotero questions here and keep this forum viable.
  • Sure, I understand. Thanks anyways!
  • bwiernik, i also found that on the Internet, thanks, but it didn‘t solve the problem, which is why I asked here. However, after hours of browsing through all the setting options in word i finally found it myself. thanks anyways.
  • Hi @lauralein15, I am currently experiencing the same problem as you and have had no luck locating a solution online or via the Word help button. The Paragraph button is not removing the blue dots between spaces. If you could share what you discovered to fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
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