Customized CSL


I developed a personal bibliographic style. It's sort of a fusion between Chicago Author-Date and Chicago Note.

Citations are in the footnotes with this format: Author, Title (Date)

The bibliography is sorted as for Chicago Author-Date: Author. Dated. Title. etc.

I only have one problem. Citations and the bibliography do not generate letters when the same author has several publications in the same year:

So, I get this,

Citations in footnote:
Bunge, Title 1 (2008); Title 2 (2008)

Bunge. 2008. Title 1
---. 2008. Title 2

Instead of getting this,

Citations in footnote:
Bunge, Title 1 (2008a); Title 2 (2008b)

Bunge. 2008a. Title 1
---. 2008b. Title 2

I tried a few things, but without results.

Would anyone have an idea what to do?

Thank you

  • Remove disambiguate-add-year-suffix="true" from the line starting with <citation. That should be enough. If that doesn't work, we'd need to see the style (paste to, save, and post URL here)
  • Hi,

    Here's the URL:

    In order to help, here is how I proceeded:

    1) I made a copy of "Chicago Note"
    2) I replace the ... </ bibliography> block with the one from "Chicago Author-Date"
    3) I add or replace macros necessary to run the ... </ bibliography> block, taken from "Chicago Author-Date"
    4) I changed some codes in the ... block to get the desired citation format in footnotes.

    So, basically, my CSL is based on "Chicago Note".

  • Oh sorry, I misunderstood the question -- you _want_ the letters.

    I don't think that's possible while at the same time having titles in citations. The letters are intended to distinguish between otherwise identical citations. But because of the titles, the citations aren't identical and the letters aren't added. I don't believe you can force them to appear (nor is that a requirement in any citation style I've ever seen).
  • Thanks adamsmith

    I understand now. I just don't need the suffix letters since there is the titles to individuate each citation.
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