Creating a reading list

I have 97 entries in a Zotero library, and I wish to combine all 97 into a nicely formatted reading list. I opened Word, seletected Zotera and see how I can import a single entry but I am a beginner with Zotero and don't see how to avoid clicking through an import action for each individual item when moving them in to Word. Is there a way to tell Word that I want the entire library? I could switch to LaTex if that would help.
  • Just select them all in Zotero, right-click --> Create Bibliography from selected items" and either select "Clipboard" (for copy and paste) or "RTF" (for a file you can open with word). The Word add-on is for citing as-you-write in a manuscript.

  • I tried this, sounds so easy, but when I right click nothing happens.
  • @klanggard: This is a very basic feature of Zotero, so it's unlikely that it doesn't work. Is it possible you're trying this on the website instead of in Zotero itself? If you're sure you're trying this in the Zotero program, can you provide a Report ID?
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