Handwritten references and Zotero cites mixed?

Can I use both Zotero cites and handwritten references in same text? It is easier to insert footnotes of multiple archival sources by writing than using Zotero cites. Or how should I do it? I'm worried when the text (book) is ready, there will be some complications, if I mix both referencing ways.
  • Generally this will work. Zotero uses Word footnotes, so there are not going to be conflicts (and I believe this isn't an uncommon practice, especially for people working with complex primary/archival sources).

    Two main things to pay attention to:
    1) Getting the two types of references into a single bibliography will be a mess, so if that's a requirement, it might make sense to reconsider
    2) For consistent referencing, the same item should always be referenced the same way (i.e. if you once insert book A with Zotero, always do it with Zotero)
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