Problem when you move zotero location and firefox profile

I have zotero's storage location outside of my firefox profile folder on a different partition.
I moved my firefox profile to a new computer.
Zotero would not start (error starting zotero) when I used profile on this new machine.
I reinstalled zotero. It worked, but it would not let me change the external zotero storage location - it had remembered the previous location. and wouldn't let me browse for a new location.
I had to fix the problem by mapping a network drive to the drive location that zotero wanted, and then zotero found its profile and was happy, and then I changed the location to one I wanted on the new machine.
So there are two problems here. No error tolerance when it can't find the zotero database, and problems changing the location when using the default location but there is an external location that previously been set up but can't be found.
  • I believe both of these (which I think only happen on Windows) should be fixed in Beta 4 Revision 3, which we hope to get out later today.
  • I have beta4 revision 5 - zotero stored within portablefirefox on a USB drive. Zotero was added on computer where the USB drive was formated as drive w: When I relocate the USB drive to another machine (XP) it is mapped it automatically as Drive G and portablefirefox loads with a security warning and will not load the zotero addon. I must share the USB drive over the network and then mapp the USB drive share name to W: . Then all is well and portablefirefox loads with zotero. Portablefirefox adjusts to a different drive location but zotero does not. The automatic mapping is a known issue with XP
  • Southman: Is there a particular error you get with Zotero? Is Zotero stored outside of the Portable Firefox profile directory on the USB drive? If so, then no, it wouldn't work, since it's storing the full path including the drive letter. If it's just stored in the default location, however, I can't think of any reason Zotero itself wouldn't work.
  • Confirm tha sqllite database is located in the profile directory as follows:
    G:\Program Files\Mozilla Portable firefox new\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\zotero
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