How to link to an entry in Zotero 5 database on a Mac?

Given an item in Zotero 5 in the Mac application, how can I link directly to it? For example, I'd like to write a document or store information about bib items in DEVONthink. It would be extremely helpful to be able to link directly to the record in Zotero using a URL-type direct link. (Sente, DEVONthink, and other applications provide links like this to items stored in their databases.)

More generally, how do I point directly to an item in Zotero? Is there any kind of unique record/database/whatever identifier for an item in Zotero? If so, how can I get the value of this unique identifier?

(My apologies if this is really obvious. I'm still new to Zotero.)
  • Yes, it's possible. It takes a bit of setup but is easy afterwards.

    1. Download this (not the webpage, but the text from { "translatorID" to Zotero.write(item.creators[0].lastName+". "". <i>"+item["title"]+"</i>"+"</a>"); } } and save it in a in a file named "ZotSelect Link.js"
    2. Drop that into the "translators" directory of your Zotero profile (you can find that using Zotero by going to Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Files and Folders - Show data directory)
    3. Restart Zotero

      Now you can select any item(s), right-click it and export to "ZotSelect Link". You will get a text file with links looking like "zotero://select". Those links when clicked should open Zotero and highlight that item.
  • More simply, install the Zutilo plugin. This will add a "Copy Zotero Select Link" to the right-click menu. These links will open Zotero and select the item.
  • Outstanding! Thank you both for that excellent information.
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