Zotero preference invisible


I have a problem on windows 10. Zotero preference window has the content partially invisible (the bottom part is cropped out).
Any suggsetions?

  • What happens if you resize the window?
  • This is already a resized window. Grey area between File Syncing and OK button just becomes bigger.
  • Can you submit an Error Report ID from the Help menu? What happens if you restart Zotero?
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    I tried restarting zotero, the problem is reproduced.
    I could not submit a report (Invalid response from repository), perhaps network restrictions in my company.
    I put the output here: https://gist.github.com/idavydov/632f459233dda1e23f07f9a77a21be98

    Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1703, OS Build 15063.1563
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    Also might be relevant. I am using scale and layout option in windows: change the size of text, apps: 125%.
  • If you change those back to the default, does the problem go away?
  • I set it back to 100%, logged out and logged in again. Part of the preference dialog is still invisible (also, after resizing the window).
  • Can you provide another screenshot? This isn't a general issue, so there's definitely something about your system configuration that's triggering this.
  • 1. I found a work-around. If I switch to General and back the problem goes away. So still a bug, but I can live with it.
    2. So I recorded a video, I hope this helps. In the end of the video I accidentally found a work-around.
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