Issue number biblatex export problem

I am having a problem with the biblatex export. I have a journal article whose issue number is 5+6. When I click on 'Create Bibliography from Item...', Zotero copies the correct citation to my clipboard. But when I click on 'Export Item...' and select biblatex, the resulting field is number = {5}. I tried using '5 and 6', '5-6', '5--6', but all to no avail. Funnily enough, if the issue number starts with a non-digit character, it is exported as 'issue' instead of 'number' into biblatex syntax, and then it does display all characters. So for instance, if I have the issue set as 'a5+6' in Zotero, the biblatex export gives me issue = {a5+6}.

Is there a way to export this correctly? I don't like to do manual modifications to my .bib files since I am always overwritting it when I add new sources to my thesis.

Many thanks!
  • Just in case anyone else runs into this problem in the future, I wrote a little Python script to automatically correct this error, so all I need to do is run it once in the same directory as my every time I export and overwrite it via Zotero. This script can be extended and the original_string and replacement_strings can take lists of modifications, thus making several modifications at once. Here is the code:
  • BBT exports this to the issue field as "5+6"
  • Interesting, the BibTeX option does indeed exports it correctly while the BibLaTeX option doesn't. Do you know what other differences there might be between these two exporters?
  • I think the standard BibTeX exporter doesn't try to detect whether it's a number, but I meant the BBT BibLaTeX exporter.
  • Fantastic, that looks really good. Many thanks!
  • But I'll try to see if I can fix the standard BibLaTeX exporter. I've found the source of the problem but I haven't been able to load the fixed translator yet.
  • That's great, many thanks Emiliano. I also just came across your package for Atom which makes use of the BBT exporter, that sounds really handy as I do all my LaTeX work on Atom. I greatly appreciate it!
  • That package hasn't seen maintenance in a long time -- I'm not sure whether everything still works.
  • I will test it later and report back if something is broken, possibly in a new discussion (apologies for going off-topic). Thanks again.
  • Emiliano, the Atom package works great. The only thing I would add to is to add one more Citation Style which would output the plain bibliography tag. This would make life easier for people like me using \parencite and \cite instead of using natlib's own format. At the moment I set it to pandoc but I must manually remove the @ symbol from every citation. Otherwise this is really great, will make my workflow with Atom so much smoother!
  • 5.1.1 allows you to pick your own LaTeX command. Or do you mean just the citekey when you say "plain bibliography tag"?
  • I meant exactly that, thanks a lot for the new release. This package and the BBT BibLaTeX plugin will both substantially speed up my work!
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