how to delete history in zotero?

I am adding ref from an old library I used before, into a new document.
It is citing as previous document
e.g. 1st ref coming as 3rd ref.
How to fix it?
  • Could you give an example (e.g. of how the citations look or however the problem manifests itself)?-- I'm not quite clear what you're seeing or what history you're referring to.
  • I have one library in zotero. I have written 4 different documents in past and used ref. from the same lib.
    Now, when I am merging all 4 documents and citing the same refe. it is starting from #3 as opposed to #1.
    I have 4
  • The numbering in one document has nothing to do with the numbering in any others, so this isn’t a question of “history”. What style are you using?
  • vancouver style
  • Okay, so there the citations are numbered and sorted by order of appearance. After merging the documents, click the Refresh button on the Zotero tab/toolbar to update the numbering.
  • Ok I will try that.
    Thank you.
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