Trying to Import Endnote Library

Hi all
I am trying to get started with Zotero.
I exported from Endnote my library as XML with Ris.
Then I used Import in Zotero and it is working.
BUT, it is taking forever! It has been running now for two hours, and the blue line is hardly moving.
It does seem to be working though.
Any thoughts?
Is it syncing to the web or something? My home internet is not the greatest....
  • I have the same problem. Been using endnote forever. Over 15000 references in Endnote. I followed the .xml import procedure. But I can only import about 3000 references. The import than hangs forever. Kept it running overnight and tried several times by deleting the whole zotero library and importing again. The outcome is the same as yours.
  • Thanks. At least I know it is not something I am doing wrong!
    My import seems to still be running (ran overnight) -- at least I think it is still working.
    It is so slow it is hard to be sure....
    Hopefully someone has some advice for us.
  • This is a known issue for very large imports from XML.

    For now, a workaround is to export in small batches. You could also try using RIS instead.
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